Why should i shop online ?

We provide certain rare herbs and other natural products directly to the consumer which are either hard to find or are not available in the market for them to use.


Payment Deducted but showing cancelled ?

It is a very rare case, however, it may happen sometime due to network issue between the payment gateway and the bank portal. 

I will explain this to you

1 . When you place order, we will contact your bank to give us the authorization to charge your account.

2. You bank will reserve the fund, then your account will show as debited.

3. We will wait for 15 minutes for your bank to give us the authorization to charge your account.

4. If the bank delays the process, our server window will be closed and payment will be closed.

5. Your amount will be stuck in your bank server. Now two things can happen, either the payment will be authorized by our payment gateway while reconciling with the bank or the amount reverted back into your account by your bank within 2-6 business days depending upon the processing cycle of your bank.


Can i use the product available on your online store without any knowledge about them?

Although all products sold on our store, are free from side effects we, however, recommend that you consult all information about the product, its uses and/or its side effects with your doctor before purchasing them.


I need to buy product in bulk. Do you have any Discount rates for items in bulk ?

Yes, we offer discounts on Bulk Orders. You can contact Us for Bulk Order Discount by below two mathods:

Call Me Back


Bulk Order Form


I want to purchase an item is not available in your store. Can i request that one ?

Yes, if you are looking for specific item /product that is not available on our store, please write us to at care@dryherbs.in.


Are DryHerbs.in products available abroad/internationally ?

Currently, we are available only in India. The company will enter the International market & start operation in the near future.